Parrie Haynes Ranch Killeen Texas

With a particular focus on providing opportunities for the youth of Texas, Parrie Haynes Ranch offers a wide variety of accommodations, meals and meeting spaces for groups from 25 to 140 people. The 4500 acre ranch lies in the northern foothills of the Texas Hill Country. The Lampasas River meanders through part of the ranch. Bald eagles, white-tailed deer, turkey and rattle snakes call the ranch home.

The Rio Vista Dining Hall can be reserved for group meals and activities. Meals are prepared using fresh ingredients. Pricing is based on client-choice "tried and true" menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The dining hall doubles as a meeting room with a view for up to 100 people. Other meeting/activity areas include: the Longhorn Lodge classroom designed for 25 students; Hoblitzelle Activity Pavilion for 100+; and the Buffalo Bunkhouse for up to 15. Both the Rio Vista Dining Hall and Longhorn Lodge have wireless Internet access. Several areas in the Hilltop Complex have good cellular telephone reception.

Ranch Lodging

9 Air-conditioned bunk bed cabins that sleep up to 16 each with modern restroom facilities provide overnight lodging. Residential facilities are available for more private accommodations. The Mt. Laurel is a 3-bedroom chalet style cabin with kitchette which sleeps 6 and the Lone Star House is a 4-bedroom house with living room, kitchen and laundry facilities which sleeps 10. No bedding is provided. Meals and lodging are subject to sales tax per state law.

Ranch Amenities

In addition to overnight accommodations, the Hilltop Complex also has a swimming pool, laundry facility, Hoblitzelle Activity Pavilion overlooking the Lampasas River, and shaded BBQ picnic area. Minimum group billings are for 25 persons.

Parrie Haynes Ranch is the perfect spot for a corporate event to reward your company employees for great performance or to encourage them toward greatness by building self-esteem and teamwork.

These opportunities are available at Parrie Haynes ranch as your corporate group walks our trails, face our ropes course, fishes in our ponds, and swims in the pool. How about a big campfire after dinner with someone in your group leading a sing along? Even the “out of tuners” will have a great time! The Longhorn Lodge is available as well as the Rio Vista Dining Hall for a classroom setting. The Longhorn Lodge accommodates 25 students and the Rio Vista Dining Hall has room for 70+. Both facilities have wireless internet connection. Give our staff a call and let us help you fashion an event that will be remembered for a long time.

Team Building:

  • Initiatives (ground based, portable, group problem solving challenges)
  • Low Ropes Course: (Team Wall, Trust Fall, Spiders Web, TP Shuffle, Nitro Crossing, A-frames, Trolleys)
  • High Ropes Course: Climbing Tower, Zip Line, Giant Swing, Power Pole, Giants Ladder, Horizontal Beam)
  • 2 Portable Rock Climbing Walls
  • Texas Survivor
  • Survival Training
  • Land Navigation
  • Cowboy Cooking
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Custom Programs


  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Fishing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Youth Hunting Trips
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Geocaching

Pricing for Lodging

Cabin Lodging: $300 ($180 youth groups) per 24-hour period
Cabin lodging (Llano, Frio, Comal, Lantana, Primrose, Rattlesnake, Hawk, Coyote, and Bobcat) is priced by the cabin per night. From 1-16 people are allowed in each cabin. Hilltop Complex cabin assignments are made by Parrie Haynes Ranch staff. Maximum capacity is 16 per cabin. No bedding is provided. Subject to hotel tax per state law.

Mt. Laurel Cabin: $150 ($90 youth groups) per 24 hr period
The Mt. Laurel Cabin is a 3-bedroom chalet style cabin with kitchenette. Maximum capacity 6 people. No bedding is provided. Subject to hotel tax per state law.

Lone Star House: $250 ($150 youth groups) per 24 hr period
The Lone Star House is a four-bedroom, 2-bath, family-style residence which has 2 singles, 2 doubles, 1 bunk beds and 1 queen-size bed. Additional amenities include laundry facilities, DVD player and monitor, dishwasher, and fully equipped kitchen. Maximum capacity 10 people. No bedding is provided. Subject to hotel tax per state law.

Buffalo Bunkhouse: $300 ($180 youth groups) per 24 hr period
Multi purpose meeting and lodging facility. Maximum capacity 16 people. No bedding provided. Subject to hotel tax per state law.

Pricing for Other Facilities

On the basis of availability, use of the Longhorn Lodge, Hoblitzelle Activity Pavilion, Rio Vista Hall, Buffalo Bunkhouse Meeting Rooms, and Pool is included for groups of 25 or more persons who purchase lodging and meals at the Hilltop Complex.

Longhorn Lodge: $150 per 24 hr period
Classroom setting, internet connections. Maximum capacity 25 people.

Hoblitzelle Activity Pavilion: $100 per 24 hr period
Multi purpose pavilion that overlooks the Lampasas River.

Buffalo Bunkhouse: $50 per 24 hr period
Meeting rooms only.

Rio Vista Dining Hall: $150 per 24 hr period
Main dining hall and can be used for meetings. Maximum capacity 140 people. Access to wireless internet.

Pool: $150 per 24 hr period
(40x60). Handicapped accessible. No lifeguard provided.

Pricing for Miscellaneous

Kayak rental: $10 per kayak per 24 hr period
Access to Lampasas River. Subject to sales tax per state law.

Ropes Course (Low & High Ropes): Prices vary depending on size of group, length of program and activities. Programs range from 2 – 8 hours. Low elements must be done before high elements as an assessment tool. Request a proposal for detailed pricing on any of our team building programs.

Shooting Range: $10 per person per 24 hr period Must be accompanied by or include at least one person, provided by the user, who is certified by the department of the National Rifle Association as a hunter education instructor.

Hilltop Equestrian Arena: $200 per 24 hr period

Youth Hunting Package: $20 per person per 48 hr period Maximum: two nights, lodging (Rustic Hunter's Cabin) and hunting only. Subject to hotel tax per state law.

Hilltop Camping - RV/electrical connection: $16 per 24 hr period

Hilltop Day Use Fee: $3 per person per 12 hr period

Primitive Camping: $5 per person per 24 hr period

Pricing for Meals

Minimum billings are for 25 persons; each group is responsible to pay for a guaranteed minimum number of meals. If the number exceeds the guaranteed minimum, the group will be charged for the additional meals. No refunds are given if the number is less than the guaranteed minimum.

Meals: $5-$25 per person per meal
Meals are prepared using fresh ingredients in the Rio Vista Dining Hall. Pricing is based on client-choice "tried and true" menus for breakfast, lunch, appetizers and dinner. Subject to state sales tax.

Parrie Haynes Ranch
201 Gann Branch Road
Killeen, TX 76549

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